Did you know that shoes and events have something in common? They do! They both have to run well!

Do you host events? Do you need a partner for live-communication?

Are you looking for good ideas and concepts, incentive-destinations and locations, artists and catering, hostesses…or perhaps an indoafroeurasian elephant with pink polkadots?

Sit back, relax, and let us do the walking as our team goes in search of something exceptional, individual and original for you.

We will explore the ends of the earth. And rest assured: much trodden paths are not our thing. We prefer to put on our walking boots and find new, alternative routes. It is our goal to move you – and not just literally.

Yes, we Kahn!

After the event you should be able to say:
Fits perfectly!

Our mission statement is:
One for all and all for you

So be a guest at your own Event

You prefer something a little different?
There is little we cannot do

And the human element is present throughout all we do:
Our heart is in the right spot!